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Making Travel Plans

A person has many transportation options to choose from when they are going to travel, and they can figure out which will work out the best for them based on a number of factors. Some choose to fly when they have a far distance that they need to go to reach their destination, and that can be a smart choice, but some would rather drive so that they can see more of the world while they are traveling. Some choose to travel by bus to get an affordable trip in, but some get sick when they are traveling in that way and they need to make other arrangements. Each person has to figure out which type of transportation makes the most sense for them when they are going to be traveling so that they can get around without feeling sick and without spending too much money. (

When a person is going to travel, they need to figure out how much time they have to dedicate to their trip. Some will be able to get a number days off of work so that they can spend time traveling, while others will have to make their trip short. Once a person knows how long they are going to be gone, they can know how far they will be traveling and how many activities they will be able to take on. (

A person should make a list of all of the places that they would like to travel to at some point in time and then they should figure out which of them they care about the most. ( A person should figure out if they will be able to go to multiple of those destinations in one trip or if they will have to go out on a special trip to see each one.